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There are many ecommerce websites that make selling products, like tables and chairs, simple. However, if your business offers a range of services there really is nothing else available.

A Coax ecommerce store makes it easy for you to get paid for the services you provide.

What does a Coax store look like?

You can personalise your Coax store to make it look and feel just like your own business or brand. You can choose the right font, colour and layout to best match your company.

How will customers find your coax ecommerce store?

There are two ways in which you can set-up a Coax ecommerce store.

Create a unique Coax store

Your Coax ecommerce store will sit on a unique URL that you decide. We will host the site and you will simply direct people to the web address.

This makes it very simple for you to set up your Coax ecommerce store. There is no need for any development or design work as we have made it super easy.

Add to your current website

If you would like to host the Coax store on your own website, then you would set up your store in the same way. We then supply a unique code to add the store into your own website for your customers to see.

Example of a Coax store added to an existing website
Coax Creative Clinic e-commerce store

Slide Coax - e-commerce store example Coax - e-commerce store payment example
How do you get paid?

To get paid before you start work, Coax uses Stripe. Stripe is a world class payment system that links directly to your Coax e-commerce store.

Setting up an Stripe account is very simple and you will be able to take payment and manage all the income from your new customers in minutes.

Coax also gives you the option to create services that can be paid by invoice or for people to contact you regarding fees if you don’t want to take payment upfront (for example if a service has different options dependent on the needs of the customer). You can also direct people to another payment method you have already set up.

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How could you use Coax to sell your services?

Take a look at examples of how you can make more money selling your services direct and online.

EKC bookkeeping and financial control

uses Coax to sell and be paid for services online and on time via the direct url link

EkC use Coax to sell bookkeeping services online
Brand design agency Creative Clinic

increased sales overnight when they added a Coax store to their website

Creative Clinic Coax Case Study
Overseas property business Unique Living

takes deposit payments for their property finder service on their site

Unique Living Case Study | Sell Property Services Online
Furniture manufacturer and reseller Mac&Wood

productised all its services to get paid for their furniture fixing and restorations

Mac&Wood Coax Case Study

Being paid for your services online made simple.

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