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Getting Creative With Upfront Payments

Creative Clinic is a branding and design agency based in London. They found they were being asked by their clients to ‘take a look at something’ or to quote on smaller job which, when you take in to consideration the time it takes to pull together a quote, were not cost effective or profitable.

They sat down and worked out that they had 3 different types of customers and requests that came up time and time again.

They then set up 3 stores, with simple and relevant services, to match each of their customer’s needs.

Now customers can see, and pay, upfront for the Services they need, leaving Creative Clinic to concentrate on doing the great work they do for their clients.

“With Coax we have much more time to spend on actual client work which really has helped with the productivity of the team and the quality of the output for our customers.” Adam Selwyn, Managing Director.

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