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Development roadmap

Our development roadmap is committed to supporting the adoption of e-commerce and online payments within the professional service sector.

Near completion
Invoice generation within Coax.

In development
Integration with Xero.
Utilise Coax own payment gateway, no need to set-up your own Stripe account.

BACs direct debit payment option for services.

How could you use Coax to sell your services?

Take a look at examples of how you can make more money selling your services direct and online.

EKC bookkeeping and financial control

uses Coax to sell and be paid for services online and on time via the direct url link

EkC use Coax to sell bookkeeping services online
Brand design agency Creative Clinic

increased sales overnight when they added a Coax store to their website

Creative Clinic Coax Case Study
Overseas property business Unique Living

takes deposit payments for their property finder service on their site

Unique Living Case Study | Sell Property Services Online
Furniture manufacturer and reseller Mac&Wood

productised all its services to get paid for their furniture fixing and restorations

Mac&Wood Coax Case Study

Being paid for your services online made simple.

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