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Giving Value to your Experience

EKC Bookkeeping found that they were constantly been asked to do the same standardised work and that it was incredibly time consuming to deal with information requests.

So they decided to set up a Coax store with a range of their most popular services. Now, if a customer contacts EKC, they simply send the store link to the customer who can find the service they are looking for and make payment upfront.

“With Coax every minute of our time has value. We even have a paid service to advise customers on how they can improve their accounting process. This is something we used to do, which takes time and earned us nothing, but now our customers can see its true value and are happy to pay.” Emma Cowan, Owner, EKC Bookkeeping.

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EkC use Coax to sell bookkeeping services online

Being paid for your services online made simple.

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