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Created a Service? You are now ready to Add your Service to Your store.

To do this click on Your services in the top right corner of your dashboard.

This page is split in to two sections to make managing your Services easy.

Add Services to a store

To add a Service to an existing store simply use the drop downs to select the correct store you would like to add a Service, then choose the Service you wish to add.

Edit Services

This allows you to edit the original service. Any changes you make will change across all stores that this Service has been added to.

Duplicate Services

The Service is copied to make a new Service where you can make edits. Once saved this duplicated Service will appear in this store only. The original Service will remain unaffected.

Coax - e-commerce store management
Coax e-commerce store dashboard

Manage how services appear

Change the order services appear in your store by clicking, holding and dragging the service up or down in the list.

You can turn a service on and off in your store using the ‘show’ tick boxes.

If you would like your Service to appear at the top of your store in a larger, ‘featured’ panel, along with any image you have assigned to the service, then click the ‘featured’ radio panel.

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